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Our implementation consultants will make your transition to HI Point a quick and no hassle process. Our experience in the book publishing / distribution industry combined with the help of our superior support and integration team ensures you are up and running fast.


As every organization works differently, our training program is customized to your specific use of the system. We do basic and advanced training on the modules and we train the users on how they will be using the system in your environment, with your data.


Some customers prefer to develop or customize their own modules, reports and inquiries. Since HI Point is written in 100% Progress 4GL and the source code is available as an option, you may modify or add to any part of HI Point. Our staff can provide guidance to any questions about where the data is and the best ways of accessing it, as well as guidance to how specific parts of the software interrelate.

Data Conversion

If you do not want the added workload of converting your data to the HI Point database, no worries, our staff will take care of it for you.


If you require HI Point to act uniquely in your environment or need additional reports or inquiries, our staff can customize HI Point to your specific needs.

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