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Whitehots Inc (Sharon Culver - CEO)

Whitehots Inc., a Canadian library service provider, began using HI Point in March 2011. Thanks to Bob Houghton’s expert guidance and advice, we experienced only very minor problems during the conversion and we were up and running on HI Point over a weekend. Bob continued to be on hand to help us during our first week so hardly any disruption of business was experienced. HI Point has proved to be exactly the right operating system for our business. It has allowed us to grow our business and the reporting is excellent. Bob is always available to help us and is open to any suggestions we may have and incorporate them in new versions. The system is user-friendly and runs our entire operation from electronically inputting orders, purchasing, receiving, invoicing, shipping, AP and AR to financial statements. Moving to HI Point was one of the best business decisions we made.

Georgetown Terminal Warehouse (Brenda Sisnett - President)

Distributing for Publishers who require their own identity has never been better. Our HI Point implementation has been a great success.

Fitzhenry & Whiteside (Sharon Fitzhenry - President)

Fitzhenry & Whiteside is delighted with the HI Point Distribution System and with your assiduous support of it. HI Point is accessible, flexible, fast and accurate. It allows us to retrieve information about our products and our customers that we have never had available to us before. We can compare and analyze on an individual or a collective basis. We can report shipping and ordering information to our customers online and via email. Our in-house communication system is awesome, and exchanging databases with customers and suppliers is a snap. Our team takes great satisfaction in telling me they have no idea how Fitzhenry & Whiteside managed its affairs before HI Point arrived.

North 49 Books (Peter Waldock - Past President)

The HI Point System has given us everything we were looking for in a computer system. It has also proven to be a flexible system that already in our first year has been adapted in numerous ways to cope with the ever changing demands of the market-place. Most important is the support provided by Bob Houghton and Anita Ingham. Every challenge and every problem they have been able to resolve in a timely fashion. They are more than computer consultants, they are business solution providers. They are patient and understanding, with that always necessary sense of humour that allows us all to keep our sanity.

Quanta Distribution (Stephen Iordanous - President)

I spent years searching for an inventory control program for my company. After reviewing many programs and experiencing 3 failed implementations, I was skeptical of any new programs, to say the least! With over 50,000 items and 400 suppliers in our database, we really needed a robust and connective system. I can honestly say that HI Point has exceeded all of our expectations. It is a solid program, very stable, very intuitive interfaces in each module. Great drill down capabilities. Quite easy to learn. Technical support has been outstanding. Customizations are implemented well and at a reasonable cost. True enterprise system from warehouse to order entry and accounting. I would confidently recommend HI Point to any business.

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